Ed Davey

Ed Davey has used his speech at the Liberal Democrat conference to push forward with the Green Deal whilst in the background further incentives are being discussed within industry.

At the Lib Dem Conference , Mr Davey used his speech to ask critics to give the Green Deal more time to succeed. He argued that the plan is designed to deliver improvements that will last for “decades”, so it cannot be judged after just a few months.

Extract from speech;

"That’s why the Green Deal is so different. Different to anything that has gone before. First, everyone is included. Every home in your community – every house, every flat – all can benefit from the Green Deal. Indeed, every business can benefit too. Past schemes were full of red tape. If you didn't qualify for this benefit you weren’t eligible. If you didn't want the work done in a certain way you couldn’t have it done at all. Well, we won’t save energy and keep people warm by wrapping them up in in red tape. And the Green Deal is creating a new market – a competitive market. Open to all, not just the big energy firms. With local builders and plumbers, DIY chains, boiler firms. 60,000 jobs. The energy of liberal free enterprise unleashed to save the energy leaking from our homes."

Latest DECC figures, which came out in August, showed that 133 households had signed up by the end of July and that 266 more were poised to embark on a Green Deal Plan after getting a quote. Some 58,124 Green Deal Assessments were undertaken by the end of July.

The UK Green Building Council, has called on ministers to provide further incentives, such as tying energy efficiency improvement to cuts in stamp duty when properties are sold or to council tax breaks.

Mark Bayley, chief executive of the Green Deal Finance Company, said: “We have a great opportunity to help people protect themselves against rising energy bills in the years ahead with our £244m funding package. Many people will be surprised by how much energy they could save in their home, and it makes sense for people to take a second look at Green Deal payment plans.”