September Green Deal StatsGreen Deal & ECO progress to date has been steady but the figures show rising consumer awareness and uptake of both Green Deal Assessments and Green Deal Plans. This combined with rising numbers of ECO installations shows great progress in the move towards a more energy efficient country.

Speaking on the progress of Green Deal, Marketing Manager for Easy Green Deal, Thomas Farquhar said "The latest statistics show a steady and progressive rise in activity through Green Deal & ECO.

As awareness is increasing, more and more homeowners are having assessments on their properties and as the figures show, the number of measures installed and homes receiving improvements is now at a significant level. Although the activity on installations has been focused around ECO work, the underlying signs within these statistics show that Green Deal is starting to progress. The number of plans now in the system stands at 954. These figures are based on only around 6 Green Deal Providers being active in the marketplace. The number of providers has seen a dramatic rise increasing up to 107 and, when these additional providers and the existing provider who haven't been active until recently, start to flex their marketing might and begin to rally their consumer bases, Green Deal will see the surge everyone has been waiting for. 

Alongside this, the commercial side of Green Deal has yet to take off, this along with new energy efficiency measures being eligible under the scheme this will add a further dimension and provide a much wider base of properties eligible for improvements.

One key point we should all remember is that this is early days for a long term cross party commitment to improving the energy efficiency of properties (domestic & commercial) throughout the UK. Although it is easy for sceptics or the media to latch onto the negativities that could be taken by skewing the way we look at these figures, it is not helpful to judge the scheme’s progress this early on. One thing that is evidently clear is jobs are being created, homes are being improved and one property at a time, the UK is becoming more efficient which ultimately will bring down energy bills more than any other policy. The key to reducing people’s energy bills is No.1 to reduce the amount of fuel they use through policies like Green Deal & ECO, and No.2 take them off fossil fuels altogether through renewable technologies incentivised through schemes like Feed In Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive. However, as a country the first priority should be to maximise the energy efficiency of properties throughout the UK to reduce our reliance on the Big 6 with the ultimate aim being to move away from them all together.

We need to stay the course and push through with the switch from a country heavily reliant on the Big 6 supplying Fossil fuels to a country with highly efficient homes using the minimum amount of fossil fuels and the maximum amount of renewable technology. That is how we get energy bills down."

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