Local authorities all over the UK are leading the way on the Green Deal progress. Local Authorities (LAs) are leading the way on the Green Deal, From the Warm up North partnership in the North East to Glow Cornwall in the South West, councils are working across their communities to help their residents realise the benefits that energy efficiency improvements can bring through cosier, warmer homes and importantly lower fuel bills.

DECC is working closely with councils up and down the land to support their work on Green Deal. In late 2012 £13m was awarded to eight cities to trial aspects of the Green Deal ahead of the full Green Deal framework being in place. This included trialling assessments, using local loan products to support work and establishing show homes to promote future work. Across Greater Manchester for example this enabled work to be delivered to over 600 households and helped to lever in a further £5m. Further information is on the AGMA website.

On the back of this work DECC then launched the £10m Pioneer Places Local Authorities fund to kick start Green Deal activity and help test early Green Deal processes in a live environment. This programme supported 39 projects covering around 150 councils across the country. It helped support a number of Green Deal Assessments, providing early opportunities for the emerging Green Deal supply chain.

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