Green Deal StatisticsThe latest Green Deal & Energy Company Obligation statistics have been announced by DECC. The statistics show marked increases in the number of assessments and installations carried out under both Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation. Also highlighted is the number of Green Deal plans which has now surpassed the milestone of 1,000.

 Speaking on the latest statistics, Easy Green Deal Operations Manager, Simon Roberts said, "These latest Green Deal statistics show significant growth is now starting to take hold, with further incentives and driving forces expected to be announced by DECC this will only increase further. What this means in reality on the front line, is homes are being improved through the various channels such as ECO, Green Deal, self financing etc. and jobs are being created with work increasing for Advisors and Installers throughout the UK".

 Key Green Deal Statistics

  • 311,250 Green Deal measures have now been installed
  • 273,000 properties have now been improved
  • 101,851 Green Deal Assessments have now been completed with 16,674 taking place in October.
  • 1,173 Green Deal Plans are now in the system
  • 9,522 Green Deal cash back vouchers have now been issued with a value exceeding £2 million.
  • £288 million worth of contracts has been let through the ECO brokerage
  • 112 Green Deal providers are now authorised
  • 302 Green Deal Advisory Organisations are now certified with 2,687 Green Deal Advisors.