Ed Davey

Ed Davey is shaking things up drastically for the Big Six Energy Suppliers in the UK, mainly focusing initially on British Gas. However, Ed Davey, will also shake the core of the Energy Companies Obligation and Green Deal by not allowing the energy companies to receive their carbon uplift.

The carbon uplift for the Bix Six was going to be designed to allow less carbon to be delivered overall under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) and would mean that the free grants given to households who need it most, will not be able to claim free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation under the ECO deal.

It will also mean that the energy companies cannot get away with not allowing their customers, the chance to receive free measures under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). Ed Davey is clamping down on the Energy industry and really setting a huge milestone, in the fight to not allow the monopoly of energy companies, determine what the government have to do in parliament.