A record number of Green Deal plans were registered in October bringing the total number to a new high. According to DECC the number of new Green Deal Plans grew by almost 1,500, the largest month on record.

The number of Green Deal Plans registered increased from 5,736 in September to 7,207 by the end of October - representing a 26% increase.

Of these, 2,434 were ‘new’ (quote accepted), 1,534 were ‘pending’ (plan signed) and the remaining 3,239 were ‘live’ (all measures installed), accounting for 45 per cent of all plans.

A cumulative 389,703 Green Deal Assessments were lodged up to the end of October, up from 356,512 in September - the increase of 33,191 assessments was 12% higher than the number in September.

Around £16.4m of payments from 3,452 vouchers for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund were made in October.

There were 23,325 measures installed under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) during September, 5% higher than the number installed during August.

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