The Department of Energy and Climate Change have announced a new consultation on the Energy Company Obligation.

The government is extending ECO (Energy Company Obligation), introducing a new obligation period from April 2015 to March 2017, called ‘ECO2’.

This document is a consultation on areas of ECO2 where we will be exercising some degree of discretion in our administration - areas where the law has changed and areas where we are proposing changes to our existing policies. The consultation document outlines the changes DECC are proposing to make, which will apply for the ECO2 obligation period.

Responses are required by 9am on Wednesday 21st January 2015.

Views are requested on the following areas:

  • Pre-existing roof-insulation requirements: pre-conditions for DHS under CERO and CSCO
  • Cavities which cannot be insulated: pre-conditions for district heating systems (DHS) under CERO and CSCO
  • Calculating the lifetime for multi-fuel upgrades of existing DHS connections
  • Qualifying electric storage heaters
  • Qualifying boilers: not functioning efficiently
  • Virgin loft insulation: new requirements
  • Technical monitoring process: revisions.

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