12 community energy projects are set to receive up to £500,000 as a boost from the Cabinet Office and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

The government is keen to support the development of community energy projects to show how social action can help people reduce their energy bills. The community energy sector is growing, with increasing numbers of new projects being developed. However, smaller energy groups often work in isolation, with no formal networks for skills sharing or mentoring with larger more established organisations.

That’s why, today, the government has awarded groups between £10,000 and £50,000 so they can form consortia, giving larger groups the resources to mentor others.

The chosen projects range from:

  • a community forum that provides workshops and assistance to communities to generate power using hydro energy
  • a social enterprise that sets up study visits and seminars for local community groups so they can reduce their fossil fuel energy use by using sustainable wood sources
  • training volunteers in reducing energy usage so they can make home visits to older people and audit their home energy use and make improvements
  • training volunteers in Birmingham to help the Somali community switch to solar energy and use energy-saving light bulbs to reduce levels of fuel poverty
  • visiting mosques to help Muslim communities become more energy efficient

Read the full announcement here.

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