Construction News reported exclusively that a draft discussion paper for industry is considering offering enhanced cash-back payments for Green Deal group applications as it tries to drum up public interest in the Green Deal. 

The government would rather see Green Deal work done on a street-by-street basis rather than through individual properties. The paper says DECC is "considering how the scheme might encourage group/community applications by offering a higher cash-back when a number of people sign up together. "This is intended to encourage the development of community buying groups, which could benefit from economies of scale as well as the increased cash-back being offered." The cash-back is government money, being offered as a portion of the £200m incentives promised by government in its 2011 Autumn Statement. A range of options for the proposed cash-back scheme are set out in the discussion paper, including whether the cash-back will be delivered by Green Deal providers or a yet-to be established administrator. 

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