Ed Davey is due to announce his new Energy Bill within the coming weeks. The energy bill will focus on key areas and targets for energy security for the UK and new energy forms in the future. 

Key areas expected in the Energy Bill include;

  • Households to pay an estimated £20 next year to fund clean energy investment, rising to £95 in 2020
  • Energy companies to get £7.6bn from this to invest in low-carbon power
  • But no target for carbon emission levels by 2030
  • Longer-term emission levels to be discussed - but not necessarily set - in 2016

Although the Energy Bill will primarily focus on electricity generation as is widely expected, Heat is also a key part to it. Ed Davey confirmed that the UK's carbon targets cannot be achieved without the support of low-carbon heat and confirmed that Renewable Heat will form a key part of his new Energy Bill.

A number of key policies are expected to receive further support following the official announcement of the bill. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is one of the key policies due to launch in Spring 2013 which will reward homeowners who generate heat using renewable technologies such as Heat Pumps, Biomass and Solar Thermal. Alongside this, is the Green Deal which launched on October 1st and is expected to snowball following the January 28th initial Green Deal Installations.

For further details on achieving Green Deal Accreditation as an installer, please contact our Green Deal Advice team on 0800 882 4312.