The Green Deal Cashback scheme which commenced early will not be capped at the £1,000 mark as previously indicated by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The Department of Energy and Climate change commented that the more work a household has done the more Green Deal Cashback they will be entitled to.

The Green Deal Cashback is limited to one per household with a total budget of around £125m meaning that hundreds of thousands of households may qualify.

The Green Deal is the Government's flagship energy efficiency improvement programme targeting more than 14 million homes by 2020. The Green Deal Cashback rewards those who take up a Green Deal in the early days by offering various levels of cashback depending on the Green Deal Measures they have fitted.

For further information on working under the Green Deal please give our Green Deal Accreditation Advice team a call on 0800 882 43 12 to to start your journey to Green Deal Accreditation apply here.