Green Deal Assessment

As expected, following the launch of the Green Deal on January 28th, consumer interest has been raised significantly, assessments are taking place all over the UK and the first Green Deal plans have been signed. The Energy Saving Advice line is reporting more than 3,000 calls per week and 10,000 hits per week on the Green Deal consumer guide which bodes well for the scheme which has only just commenced.

The Green Deal officially launched on January 28h and has seen significant press coverage since that date. Over the past 4 weeks the Green Deal has been featured across national news outlets including the likes of ; This Morning, BBC TV, BBC Radio, ITV, SKY, Channel 4 and a host of others.

Alongside this increasing coverage and the commencement of the Government's own marketing campaigns, the number of approved Installers, Assessor Organisations, Certification Bodies and Providers has also seen growth.

Green Deal Advice Organisations are reporting growing numbers of Green Deal Assessments taking place, some in excess of 400 per week. Alongside this there are now 39 Green Deal Providers registered, 692 Green Deal Installers, 84 Green Deal Assessor Organisations, and 19 Green Deal Certification Bodies.

For further information on working under the Green Deal please call our advice team on Freephone 0800 882 43 12 or apply for support here.