The Green Deal Works

More than 1,800 green deal assessments have been recorded in the first full month of operation. This is fantastic news and proves both the value and the success of the Green Deal Scheme. These new Green Deal figures reveal that approximately £26.9 million worth of contracts have been award so far through the ECO brokerage system.

This fantastic news about the success of the Green Deal was announced this morning (15th March 2013) by The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). It shows some 1,803 properties have been assessed for the Green Deal package between the end of January and the end of February.

Energy and climate change secretary Edward Davey said the scheme had got off to "an excellent start".

"We're seeing clear signs of a promising new market gathering momentum," he said. "In little more than a month, there have been 1,803 Green Deal assessments and that shows genuine interest from consumers."

"We have created the Green Deal to overhaul our inefficient housing stock and help people keep their homes warm, while also reducing their energy bills. And as the market builds and awareness of the Green Deal increases, I am confident that consumer interest will grow and grow."

Green Deal Scheme - Bonus

It is also worth noting that the Government is also offering cash-back incentives worth several hundred pounds for early adopters of the Green Deal scheme.

The DECC also confirmed that 77 Green Deal Assessors and 619 Green Deal advisers have been accredited to provide Green Deal services so far.