Green Deal and Local Government Boost

The Green Deal sees yet another boost as members of the Kirkees cabinet approve £86,000 of spending to set up a Green Deal scheme.

This may sound like a lot of money to spend but the reality is that in doing this, Kirklees cabinet and their new Green Deal scheme have saved an estimated £1.1m in costs. It's easy to see why the Green Deal scheme is of real benefit.

The Green Deal Scheme set up by Kirklees cabinet will fund the legal and procurement work for the Green Deal which is operating in the Leeds City Region (LCR) which in turn is made up of Bradford, Wakefield, Kirklees, Calderdale and Leeds councils.

In turn the Green Deal funding which is then provided by the government will remove the up-front cost to have various Green Deal measures installed in a home. Green Deal measures such as underfloor heating, cavity wall insulation, draught proofing, solar power and more.

This will also fund the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Funding which calls on gas and electricity suppliers with more than 250,000 customers to deliver 0.52m tonnes of CO2 per year and a £3.4bn reduction in lifetime heating costs for low income households.

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