The First Green Deal Plan is Good To Go

Mark Bayley, head of the Green Deal Fiance Company (GDFC) has this week said that the first Green Deal Plan is "good to go" and two others are currently being reviewed.

"I am delighted to confirm the completion of the £244 million financing package with our principal stakeholders, DECC and the UK Green Investment Bank. We can now offer Green Deal Providers a one-stop-shop to set up, finance and administer Green Deal Plans. This package will provide very long-term and low-cost funding to enable householders across all parts of the country to finance energy efficiency improvements to their homes," Bayley said.

The GDFC has last month announced it secured £244 million of funding to set up, administer and finance Green Deal Plans.

This is all great news and fits perfectly with the announcement from Energy Minister Greg Barker that the number of Green Deal assessments had increased by more than 300 per cent in the last month.  

it is expected that over the next few years the demand for the Green Deal scheme will be such that £3 billion of funding will be required.