The first official statistics for the Green Deal & ECO Initiatives have been announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The statistics include the number of assessments and installations that have taken place including measures chosen and finance options utilised. 

The statistics show that nearly 40,000 assessments have been carried out and over £250,000 paid out under the cashback offer for customers. Alongside this 245 Green Deal plans have been issued. Over 90% of the cash paid out was for the installation of boilers.

Figures also showed that there are now 63 Green Deal Providers and 1,254 installer organisations accredited as the scheme continues to gain traction and make ground with the public. £131m of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) finance has so far been spent on 72,525 properties.

DECC research has also confirmed that 78% of those with completed Green Deal Assessments either had, or would, be installing energy efficiency measures proving that the scheme was increasing awareness.  

Climate change minister, Greg Barker, said that the scheme needed more time to ‘find its legs’ and that software glitches had affected the number of Green Deal plans which had been signed. 

“The Green Deal is an ambitious and uniquely long-term programme designed to upgrade the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes. It’s only just getting started, but the early signs are encouraging,” he said.

“Today we’ve seen that 81,798 installations have taken place with the support of the new Energy Company Obligation, helping those most in need or with particularly hard to treat properties.  But this is just the start. 38,259 Green Deal assessments is also a clear sign that many consumers genuinely want to make their homes more efficient; but we are keen to do more.

“78 per cent of people who have received a Green Deal Advice Report, following a Green Deal assessment, said they had, were getting or would get energy saving measures installed. This too is a great sign – many people are increasingly looking to make their homes more energy efficient and keep bills down.

“Getting software systems running and finance into place for Green Deal Plans to be signed has taken time, so the numbers here are lower. The very first wave of Green Deal Finance Providers have only just got their individual finance terms and conditions in place and gone live with their software systems that operate this whole new product. However, now the first five are up and running, the good news is that we expect up to 50 authorised finance providers to be active by the end of the year, massively increasing the access to finance in the market.

“It will take time as this brand new market finds its legs, but I now expect the number of plans signed to start steadily rising.”

The full statistical release is available below:

Green Deal Stats

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