Efforts to cut energy consumption and reduce fuel bills across the borough could deliver a multi million pound boost to Redditch’s economy.

Redditch Borough Council has agreed a deal with Carillion Energy Services to deliver the Government’s eco-energy schemes across the borough.

The agreement currently being worked up will offer residents in both council and private houses advice on how to make their home warmer and cut their energy bills while helping to access funding through the Government’s Green Deal, where people are loaned money to pay for energy efficient measures which is paid back over time through people’s energy bills. Money will also be obtained from the obligation ministers have placed on energy companies to provide funding for work on households where residents are on certain benefits.

It is estimated over the next eight years the deal could boost the borough’s economy by about £21million by providing work for local tradespeople, creating jobs, new apprenticeships and work for companies in the supply chain.

While the offer will be open to all residents and businesses the council’s focus will be on the estimated 4,068 households in Redditch currently classed as being in fuel poverty.

More than 500 homes in Winyates and Woodrow have already had insulation work carried out funded by energy companies under previous schemes.

Guy Revans, head of environmental services, said the idea of the Green Deal was to ensure any work carried out did not cost anymore than people were currently paying for their gas and electricity and at the end of the repayment period would actually lower bills.

Deputy council leader Greg Chance told a recent executive committee meeting: “Not to underestimate the environmental benefits of this but there are benefits to the local economy, as part of the contract with Carillion we can insist on who does the work so that could bring work and job opportunities to Redditch.

“We need to get the most economic impact we can through this as well as the environmental benefits.”