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Greg Barker Green Deal

The latest Green Deal & Energy Company Obligation statistics have been confirmed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The figures show increases in assessments and installations with 419 Green Deal plans now in progress. The first Green Deal Installation has also now also taken place. 

Commenting on the latest figures, Minister of State at the DECC, Greg Barker, said: "This ambitious long-term programme is still in its initial months, but over 58,000 Green Deal assessments shows genuine consumer interest and we expect continued steady growth as we go into the winter. Already, over 130,000 homes will be cosier this winter after getting energy-efficiency measures installed under ECO." 

58,124 GD Assessments were lodged up to the end of July up from 44,479 at end of June. The 13,645 GD Assessments in July were similar to the number in June (13,517).

There were 419 Green Deal Plans in the system for individual properties as at the end of July, compared to 306 at the end of June. Of these, 286 were ‘new’ Green Deal Plans, 132 had moved to ‘pending’ and one was ‘live’.

7,461 Cashback vouchers had been issued to end of July. Of these, 4,256 Cashback vouchers had been paid (following installation of measures) up to the end of July with a value of £1,162,386. The majority of vouchers paid to date were in June and virtually all have been for boiler replacements.

£175 million worth of contracts had been let through ECO brokerage up to end of July compared to £145 million at the end of June.

79 Green Deal Providers had been authorised up to the end of July. 248 GD Assessor Organisations and the 2,129 GD Advisors they employ had been accredited up to the end of July.

The reality of Green Deal & ECO - August Stats - An infographic by the team at Easy Green Deal

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