DECC have confirmed that the Solid Wall Insulation element of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has now been allocated until February 2015. The £24m of funding was allocated in less than 48 hours and will now see installations taking place over the coming months leading up to the next allocation of funding in February and then year 2 GDHIF funding commencing in April.

£24 million worth of funding for solid wall insulation has been allocated to households in England and Wales through the second release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) creating a pipeline of work for the industry to carry out over the coming months.

Applications for solid wall insulation have now closed, however customers can still apply for up to £6 million to make energy efficient home improvements through GDHIF, including:

  • up to £1000 for installing two measures from an approved list;
  • up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment if that recommends the measures applied for;
  • up to £500 more if applying within 12 months of buying a new home.

Details of further releases of funding will be announced on a quarterly basis with the next release expected in February 2015. Funding is part of the additional £100 million for household energy efficiency measures announced in October 2014 which is in addition to the £450 million already allocated to household energy efficiency over 2014 – 17.

Amber Rudd, Energy and Climate Change Minister commented “The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has been incredibly popular – it’s helping thousands of people have warmer homes and more control of their energy bills. Although the fund for solid wall insulation is fully allocated, there’s still money available now for a range of other measures and another release of funding is expected in February.

“More than three quarters of a million homes have already had energy saving improvements installed as a result of the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal.”

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