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Caroline FlintEnergy and Climate Change shadow secretary of state Caroline Flint has announced Labour’s plans to make a ten year energy efficiency strategy a national infrastructure priority.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, Ms Flint said the public are aware the energy companies have not played fair and that energy bills have risen by over £300 in just four years.

She said this is twice as fast as inflation, four times faster than wages, and faster than in almost any other country in the developed world.

“A Labour Britain wants energy companies we can be proud of. Companies that play fair with their customers, have fair prices, and put customers first,” Ms Flint said.

The speech revealed the party’s plans to introduce a new watchdog to make energy suppliers ‘behave professionally’ and ensure that wholesale price cuts are passed to the customer.

Using Sweden’s insulated homes as an example, Ms Flint argued that insulating homes in the UK would also help millions of people permanently cut their energy bills.

“Six million low income families live in homes that are far too expensive to heat,” she added.

The Energy Company Obligation was offered as a solution to make 200,000 homes warm every year.

In an attempt to bring warmth to three million homes, Labour also plans to make private rented properties meet a decency standard by 2027.

Moving on to Labour’s plans to achieve a low carbon, clean energy Britain, Caroline Flint said the party will invest in renewables, carbon capture and storage for coal and gas, safe nuclear power and warmer, low energy homes.

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