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The Department for Energy & Climate Change has extended the deadline for claiming vouchers from the first release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) until 31st March.

The extension applies to GDHIF vouchers that have an expiry date before 31st March and have not yet been redeemed – affecting around 3,900 voucher holders - including vouchers that have already expired.

For the first release of GDHIF, which was open to applications from the 9th June to 24th July, vouchers worth up to a maximum of £7,600 were on offer.

Ed Davey said: “The GDHIF has been going like hotcakes – winter can be a difficult time to get installations done so by giving more time to voucher holders they can join over one million homes already benefitting from a warmer, cheaper winter thanks to our energy efficiency schemes.”

Up to the end of December 2014, 11,061 vouchers had been paid and 13,613 measures installed through GDHIF, with £54.3 million claimed.

The extension is effective immediately and will apply automatically to eligible voucher holders - a new voucher will not be issued.

GDHIF voucher holders whose vouchers were due to expire before 31st March:

  • Will receive an email to advise they are eligible for an extension, however they do not need to wait for this email to be sent, the extension is effective immediately
  • Who made a phone application will receive a phone call however they do not need to wait for this phone call, the extension is effective immediately
  • Should follow the instructions on their voucher to claim money back
  • Will not be able to submit a claim after 31st March and will not receive payment
  • Can change their Green Deal Installer by calling the scheme administrator
  • Who have previously had their claim rejected due to voucher expiry can contact the GDHIF administrator to have their claim processed again

GDHIF registered installers and providers can help their customers by completing the installation and handing the required documents over to the customer in time for the customer to submit their claim by the 31st March deadline.

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