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The Tory government and Prime Minister David Cameron are settled into their new roles in government, and Amber Rudd will be taking over the role of State for Energy and Climate Change from Ed Davey.


This appointment dispels any rumours that this cabinet position would be abolished under the new Tory government, and shows that climate change is still on the government agenda.

As well as being on the government agenda, preventing climate change and reducing our impact on the local environment should be at the forefront of our minds on a daily basis.

While homeowners can make a variety of small changes, the biggest difference they can make is to adapt the way they consume energy in the home.

By incorporating renewable energy into the home through the installation of Green Deal measures including Solar PV, Biomass and ground source heat pumps it’s possible for a home to reduce its impact on the environment.

To install these measures it’s necessary to have an installer that knows how to install the products, knows the benefits the homeowner will receive and has the proper accreditation.

At Easy Green Deal we provide award winning Green Deal accreditation support to potential installers as well as offering green deal training courses.

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