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Every home in the UK will be aware that as a nation we need to make a serious commitment to the environment. The current system of relying on non-renewable energy sources can’t go on.


To encourage homeowners in the UK the government has been using the Green Deal scheme to allow homeowners to invest in renewable technology.

This technology includes better insulation throughout the home, solar PV installations, micro wind turbines and many other measures.

Given the complexity of these installations it is essential that it is always a fully qualified and reputable installer that carries out the work.

Easy Green Deal provides recognised certification to renewable technology installers in the UK. This certification means that a homeowner can trust any estimated energy savings and are guaranteed to get a good result from their installation.

To become a Green Deal Installer, and offer your customers the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund speak to Easy Green Deal on Freephone 0124 478 4260 or email or apply online if you are already registered with Easy Green Deal, then contact your mentor with any queries.

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