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Following on from last month's Warmer Homes Scotland announcement, we have had a number of enquiries seeking clarification about whether Warmworks Scotland will be installing everything under the scheme, or if it will be subcontracting any work out to local installers.


Having spoken with Warmworks, we can confirm that the company will be completing some of the works utilising subcontractors from across Scotland. A spokesperson for Warmworks said:

"We have completed our initial tender process and secured the required capacity as part of that process. Warmworks may require additional capacity in the future if the level of expected applications for the grant increases. We would initially have to ask firms that were involved in the tender process to cover that capacity.

“If, however, we are unable to secure capacity from our existing contractors we would advertise further tender opportunities via Public Contracts Scotland. If you register your interest against the main notice for HEEPS2 under the special projects section you would receive updates from Warmworks."

The alternative option for securing works on the scheme is to offer your services as a subcontractor to Warmworks' successful bidders. A list of the successful bidders can be found on the main Public Contracts Scotland website.

We will be keeping our customers up-to-date with the programme as further announcement are made over the coming weeks.

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