Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (ORB) Announcements

Following the announcement to cease funding of the Green Deal Finance Company, DECC has determined that Green Deal Providers (GDPs) are no longer required to hold full FCA authorisation to access ECO Brokerage.

This is because FCA authorisation is required for the provision of consumer credit, which is not a requirement under brokerage. This decision supports new entrants to the brokerage market who may not be able to provide the evidence needed to comply with the FCA checking process. Where an existing Brokerage GDP holds full FCA authorisation, but no longer wishes to provide consumer credit, DECC are content for these permissions to lapse and access to Brokerage to be retained.

Feed in Tariff and the Green Deal Advice Report Guidance

DECC has issued further guidance explaining the way in which the Standard Assessment Procedure calculates savings attributable to measures which are eligible for Feed-In Tariffs (FiTs).   

The Green Deal Advice Report has also been revised to provide more up to date information about FiTs and to make communication clearer to consumers.

The update was implemented in England & Wales on 22nd October 2015. The update in Scotland is currently planned for 1st November 2015.

DECC has already engaged with Green Deal Certification Bodies over these changes and they will reflect these in due course in third party software and guidance.

An example Green Deal Advice Report Occupancy Assessment can be found by clicking here.