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Greg Barker

MP Greg Barker has busted some of the common misconceptions on the Green Deal in the DECC blog.

When it launches this autumn, the Green Deal will become the most ambitious home improvement programme since the second world war. It is at the heart of the Government’s strategy, not just to Green our economy but to also help family’s improve their homes, cut their fuel bills and with that, reduce the UK’s dependence on expensive imported fossil fuels. But to achieve our ambitious goals, it will need to run for nearly two decades.  A clear long term perspective, patience and pragmatism  will be vital to its success as the market for the  Green Deal builds and evolves.

In the next few weeks and months, working closely with the private sector and Local Authorities, we will put in place the final details of the scheme.  But before those details have even been announced the sceptics and the critics have been sharpening their pencils. I have no doubt that after the scheme has gone live, with the benefit of real life experience, we will want to come forward with improvements to the way it works and in due course,  additional incentives and appropriate penalties to keep it on track, as well as take account of exciting new technologies as they become available.

However the basic Green Deal framework for allowing people to make improvements to their home without any upfront cost   which can then be paid for through electricity bills over twenty five years, from the very savings they create, leaving people better off;  that is rock solid.

To some people this sounds too good to be true and others have misinterpreted existing research or just got their facts plain wrong. So I want to address some of the urban myths about the Green Deal that seem to be doing the rounds:

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