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Great News for Green Deal Businesses

If you are one of the growing number of Green Deal Installers or Green Deal Assessors in the UK, you will be very please by news released this week. Figures released show that the number of people in the UK seeking to take advantage of the government's new Green Deal energy efficiency scheme has risen dramatically.

During March a fantastic 7,465 Green Deal energy efficiency assessments were completed. This is a rise of 332% on the previous month.  During February, just over 1,700 Green Deal assessments were logged which was the first full month of operation for the Green Deal scheme.

That means that since it's launch in January, a staggering 9,268 Green Deal assessments have taken place. 

This number is expected to rise considerably over the coming months as more and more people learn of the benefits of the Green Deal Scheme. Currently there are a 108 certified Green Deal Assessor organisations in the UK employing 1,003 Green Deal advisers. 

Become a Green Deal Company

If you are thinking of becoming a Green Deal Assessor, Green Deal Adviser or Green Deal Installer you need to first become certified. We provide a quick and easy Green Deal Certification process. Simply click on the link at the top of the screen or call us today.

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