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SunThe Sun newspaper has recently produced a feature on Green Deal and the help it can give to households. The article including a range of details about how the Green Deal can help a householder and was featured in the paper and online. This is a further example of Green Deal awareness being raised.

Sun feature - How the Green Deal can help keep your bills down

"IF you couldn’t wait to see the back of winter, you were in good company.

Most of us were left not only longing for sunshine, but also reeling at the extra cost of keeping our homes warm.

But even though the weather has improved, the bad news is gas and electricity prices are still rising steadily.

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to cut down on your energy usage and reduce your fuel bills.

And better still, the Government has come up with a new solution to help you to do this without spending a fortune.

The Green Deal is an initiative to help you save money by making energy-efficient improvements to your home such as fitting better insulation and heating that uses less fuel.

It includes up to 45 different types of home improvements, from cavity wall insulation to better heating controls and replacement glazing.

You can receive cash back on many of the measures – for example, there’s up to £650 on offer for fitting an external wall insulation system or £270 for a gas-fired condensing boiler.

In fact, depending on the nature of your property, you may be entitled to up to £1,000 cash back.

And if you need to take out finance to get the work done, you can repay the loan through your electricity bills without adding to them.

That’s because the savings you make by using less fuel will offset the cost of the repayments. So not only does it keep upfront costs to a minimum, it also makes paying for the whole thing easier.

The Green Deal is already proving popular. More than 9,200 assessments have been carried out since the initiative was launched in January in England and Wales and now you can take advantage too."

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