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Tracy Vegro from DECC has blogged on Green Deal.

Reporting research by Which?, the Observer newspaper last Sunday (19 May) suggested that homeowners could find themselves having to pay off Green Deal debt before they can sell their property.

Of course buying a home is expensive enough already, so if presented with a stark choice between taking or leaving somebody else’s debt, it’s easy to see why many people would opt for the latter. Yet to view the Green Deal in this narrow way is to dismiss the many benefits that an energy efficient home can bring – not least the point that many commentators are making – like-for-like, a more energy efficient home might command a higher market price.

As consumer champion Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert put it (1): energy efficiency isn’t just about group hugs, sandals and saving the planet. While buildings account for 38% of CO2 emissions, Martin is right – energy efficiency could save us hundreds of pounds a year on our energy bills. Just installing solid wall insulation on a typical three bedroom semi would save £270 every year – and that assumes no further increase in energy prices.

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