Condensing Gas Boilers

Gas Fired Condensing Boilers are an approved Green Deal and ECO measure under the Building Services Mechanical category.

What are Gas Fired Condensing Boilers?

There are different types of condensing boilers, such as combination or combi boilers, system boilers, heat only boilers and back boilers.

Condensing boilers offer significant fuel savings compared to traditional non-condensing boilers, proving to be the most energy efficient gas boilers available since they first appeared in the UK around 20 years ago.

Benefits of Gas Fired Condensing Boilers

High energy efficiency – As gas fired condensing boilers are 15% more efficient overall than modern non-condensing boilers they reduce running costs considerably over the course of the year.

Environmentally friendly – Producing significantly lower CO2 emissions than other gas boilers, condensing boilers are therefore better for the environment.

Less cycling – This type of boiler regulates the heat output to match the demand in the home. This reduces gas consumption as the boiler does not have to continually have to be switched on and off.

Lower fuel bills – Burning less fuel to extract the same amount of energy results in fuel bill savings which over a few years offsets the initial higher purchase and installation cost.

Compact size – Condensing boilers are compact in size and also designed with modern materials which mean they are more aesthetically pleasing.

How do they work?

Gas Fired Condensing Boilers achieve their energy efficiency in two ways: by reducing the amount of gas used and also minimising heat loss.

Rather than heat being lost up flues with flue gases, gas fired condensing boilers try to recover as much heat as possible. They achieve this as they have a much larger and more efficient heat exchanger than what would be found in traditional gas boilers.

A small amount of evaporated liquid, known as condensate, is produced and is carried away by a waste overflow pipe.

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