Oil Condensing Boilers

Oil Fired Condensing Boilers are an approved Green Deal measure under the Building Services Mechanical category.

What are Oil Fired Condensing Boilers?

By fitting a new oil high efficiency boiler with full heating controls, carbon emissions from the home will be reduced significantly and could lower energy bills by as much as £270 a year. An oil condensing boiler captures more useable heat from its fuel than a non-condensing oil boiler, made possible due to the boiler’s larger, (sometimes dual) heat exchanger. The heat exchanger ensures as much heat as possible is transferred from the boiler’s burner and as little as possible lost is lost in gases through the flue.

The high efficiency oil condensing boiler utilises less oil during operation. Statistically, modern conventional oil boilers can only offer an efficiency rate of 78%, whereas the rate for condensing boilers is 96%, an essential consideration for consumers. What this means in financial terms is that for every £1 spent, 96p is spent on actual heat. The oil condensing boiler not only offers this efficiency, but combines it with reduced running costs and value-added performance above conventional oil boilers. This equates to significant savings on annual fuel bills, which will enable you to quickly recoup the initial outlay for the oil boiler and benefit from the extra savings.

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