Water Efficient Taps and Showers

Water Efficient Taps and Showers are an approved Green Deal measure under the Building Services Mechanical category.

What are Water Efficient Taps and Showers?

There are many ways people can waste less water in their homes and using water efficient products is an easy way to make a difference. With most of the products available to achieve this, people won’t even notice that they are using less water.

Below you will find a list of the various water efficient products:

Water Efficient Showerheads

New water efficient showerheads use technology that can produce water flows that feel far higher than they actually are – an easy way to save both water and energy. They are most effective on power and mixer showers with a high flow rate.

Reduced capacity baths

A standard bath has a capacity of around 80 litres, so even when it is less than half full it uses a lot of water.

Water efficient appliances

Products which have the new ‘Water Efficient Product Label’ – the Waterwise Marque – and the Energy Saving Recommended mark, as these models can help save water, energy and money.

Low-flush and dial flush toilets

About 30% of all water used in dwellings is flushed down the toilet every day. Low-flush and dual-flush toilets are designed to reduce the volume of water used for flushing. These systems use up to six litres less water per flush than an old-fashioned toilet – saving over 16,000 litres of water per year, (enough to fill seven red telephone boxes).

Toilet retrofit and displacement devices

For a quick and easy way to waste less water with every flush without buying a new toilet, a customer may choose to install a dual-flush insert device. This can easily be retrofitted into an old cistern and will save up to 50% of water per flush.

Lower flow taps

Taps with a low flow rate can be fitted to bathroom and kitchen sinks. Click point taps are better for kitchen sink taps; aerated or regulated flow taps are more suitable for a bathroom sink; but all work very well.

Flow tap aerators and regulators

If a customer does not want to replace taps or shower units, they can still save water by having a flow regulator fitted to a shower and aerators to taps.

Water butts

If a customer has a garden and access to a drain they can save a significant amount of mains water by installing a water butt. Each year your roof collects around 85,000 litres of water – enough to fill 450 water butts a year.

Hose trigger control

A running garden hose can use as much as a thousand litres of water in an hour. If there are tasks a watering can cannot be used for, use a hose trigger control. That way water can be directed specifically to the areas of the garden that need it and as a result cutting the customers outdoor water usage.

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