Green Deal Advisory Organisation Certification

By achieving Green Deal Advisory Organisation Certification your company will be approved to perform Green Deal Assessments on properties throughout the UK and can also have individual Green Deal Advisors as members.

Green Deal Advisory Organisation

The Green Deal Advisory organisation deals with the Green Deal Provider and is assessed on an annual basis to ensure ongoing compliance with Green Deal Advisory Organisation (GDAO) standards. All individual Green Deal Advisors (GDA) must be members of a Green Deal Advisory Organisation whether this is their own company or a third party. By becoming your own Green Deal Advisory Organisation, individual Green Deal Advisors are able to register with your company.

In order to achieve Green Deal Advisory Organisation (GDAO) Certification, a prospective GDAO must be assessed on a number of areas;

  • Compliance with Green Deal Standards including; The Green Deal Advisory Organisation Standards and the Green Deal Code of Practice
  • The competency of operatives within the organisation to Green Deal Advisor competency requirements
  • A witness Advisory Assessment of a relevant property

At Easy Green Deal we support you through the entire Green Deal Accreditation process from your initial application through to your Green Deal assessment and in maintaining compliance. Throughout your Green Deal Certification process you will be supported by a personal Green Deal mentor to ensure each aspect of your Green Deal Certification is covered and you are fully prepared for your Green Deal Assessment.

Green Deal Certification

All Easy Green Deal™ Certification Support Packages Include;

  • Bespoke Green Deal Quality Management System (Green Deal QMS), designed from your company's precise requirements and meeting all the requirements and regulations of the Green Deal, PAS 2030, Green Deal Code of Practice and Green Deal Advisory Organisation standards.
  • A personal Green Deal Consultant to support you for 12 months, through your Green Deal assessment and ensuring you remain compliant throughout the year.
  • Cloud based Online Dashboard with your bespoke Green Deal QMS, online record and project management, Green Deal Workflow and direct contact with your personal Green Deal Consultant.
  • Access to our industry leading partnerships with Green Deal Providers, Merchants, Manufacturers, Training Providers & Networks.
  • Access to Green Deal & ECO work and funding.
  • Bespoke on/off site Green Deal Support and regular Consultancy from one of our Green Deal Certification Consultants on your Green Deal Quality Management System, with guidance all the way through your Green Deal Certification Assessment and throughout the year;
  • Support on Green Deal Scheme Listing & Registration with exclusive Discounts from the leading Green Deal Certification Bodies.
  • Support on the Installation Qualifications and competencies required for Green Deal Certification with exclusive discounts on Training Courses.
  • Support & Training on the Green Deal Requirements for the practical installation, including the customer handover and working with the Green Deal Provider.
  • Support on becoming a Green Deal Advisor for both domestic and commercial properties, including required Green Deal Training Courses and preparation for the Green Deal Advisory Organisation assessment.

For further information or to discuss your company's Green Deal Certification please don't hesitate to give our Green Deal team a call on 0161 768 5807.