What is a Green Deal Certification Body?

The Green Deal Certification Bodies are responsible for carrying out assessments on individual companies to ensure their on-going compliance with PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Advisory Organisation standards. The initial assessment from the Green Deal Certification Body will determine whether or not the company in question will be introduced to the Green Deal Register. If successful the company will then be subject to on-going surveillance visits by the Green Deal Certification Body to ensure compliance with PAS 2030 and Green Deal Advisor standards.

Green Deal Certification Body

The Green Deal Certification Bodies answer directly to the Green Deal Oversight Body (ORB) and assess companies looking to become Green Deal Advisory Organisations or Green Deal Installers, against the regulations and standards set by the Green Deal Oversight Body. The Green Deal Oversight Body also provides a register of all the Green Deal Certification bodies, the installer measures they cover and whether they offer Green Deal Advisory Organisation Certification.

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