What is a Green Deal Provider?

The Green Deal Provider is the organisation responsible for providing the financing for the measures to be installed on the property.

Green Deal Provider

The Green Deal Provider will look to contract in the Green Deal Advisor to provide the Green Deal Assessment, and Green Deal Installer to carry out the installation. The Green Deal Provider will design, organise and facilitate the Green Deal installation to ensure that the installation process runs smoothly from beginning to end. This includes being responsible for all paperwork that is completed by themselves, the Green Deal Advisor and the Green Deal Installer.

There are more than 125 authorised Green Deal Providers many of whom also offer ECO funding. ECO funding is provided by the Energy Companies, some of whom can provide this directly, some provide this funding through Green Deal Consortia's or Agents and many also provide this through authorised Green Deal Providers.

To see who we work with for funding and work please visit our partner section.

For further information or to discuss your company's Green Deal Certification please don't hesitate to give our Green Deal team a call on 0161 768 5807.