Certification Bodies

Ocean CertificationEstablished in 2002 by industry experts, Ocean Certification has forged a reputation as a leading Green Deal Certification Body of choice for the ambitious organisation. Accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), Ocean Certification offers independent third party assessments and registration services for Green Deal Installers.

Organisations can expect much more from Ocean Certification than a simple certificate. They can expect real performance improvement in key strategic areas. At Ocean Certification they do not talk to clients about potential benefits – they talk to them about direct, tangible benefits to their organisation. At Ocean Certification they believe that certification is not simply a regulatory hoop through which to jump, but a powerful business tool through which an organisation can expect to secure a critical competitive edge.

Correspondently, Ocean’s client base is composed of ambitious organisations, striving to become, or consolidate their position as, market leaders in their respective sectors. These organisations recognise that to stand still in a dynamic global market is to be left behind, and Ocean Certification regard it as their aim to equip them for success.

Ocean Certification offer discounts on Green Deal Certification to Easy Green Deal customers.


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