Funding and Work

Green Deal Consulting

Aiming to be right at the heart of the Green Deal is Green Deal Consulting, offering a range of services to different stakeholders within the Green Deal. So whether you’re an installer looking to make Green Deal work for you, a property owner wanting to make your building more energy efficient or a housing association searching for the right Green Deal partner, Green Deal Consulting has everything you need to to make the Green Deal work for you.

How Green Deal Consulting work with Installers

With a dedicated call centre team generating leads for their Green Deal Energy Assessors and a wealth of knowledge and experience in energy management behind us, they can guarantee our Green Deal Installers a regular supply of locally based work at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Green Deal Consulting is working in partnership with Easy Green Deal to source high quality, low cost training for those looking to become Green Deal installers. This means you can be confident that the training you receive will be appropriate, timely, cost effective and, more importantly, will contribute to the achievement of your Green Deal certification.

How Green Deal Consulting work with Assessors

To help you cut through the red tape and administration involved in becoming a certified Green Deal Assessor, Green Deal Consulting will be able to advise and support you every step of the way with the partnership with Easy Green Deal.