SOLFEX energy systems is one of the UKs first and leading innovators and suppliers of solar energy systems.

Established in 2006 solfex have a long track record and understanding of the solar thermal & solar pv sector offering superb technical support to clients with a robust delivery chain.

The SOLFEX energy systems Solar Thermal brand offers a comprehensive portoflio of products such as domestic hot water packs, combined systems for hot water and back-up space heating support, market leading solar thermal collectors, pump groups and controls to high efficiency stratified tanks for back up space heating support & commercial systems.

Photovoltiac products from leading Global supply partners including modules from Kioto Photovoltaics & JA Solar, inverters from Power-One, Mastervolt and a comprehensive range of mounting systems for all applications along with many other photovoltaic associated products.

Two separate experianced sales divisions at SOLFEX are on hand to deal with Solar Thermal or Photovoltaics product enquirys.