What is the Green Deal?

Green Deal is re-launching following the acquisition of The Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) by Greenstone Finance and Aurium.

The aim of the Green Deal is to improve the energy efficiency of millions of homes by enabling property owners to install energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost. The costs incurred will be recouped through the property owner's energy bill over a number of years. The Green Deal is not an advance payment or personal loan and therefore no obligation moves with the property owner should they move.

The original Green Deal launched in 2013 alongside the Energy Company Obligation with the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund launching in 2014. The scheme was not considered a success due to the lack of take up and the government stopped funding the GDFC in 2015. However, with the GDFC now in private hands and with significant investment and expertise behind it is now being relaunched with Green Deal Installers & Green Deal Advisory Organisations at the forefront of demand covering more than fifty different energy efficiency measures including; Cavity Wall Insulation, Double Glazing, Gas Boilers, External Wall Insulation and Renewable technologies including; Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps.

Maintaining your Green Deal Certification is now vital to your business.

What are the key functions under Green Deal?


1. Green Deal Installer

The Green Deal Installer will be an installation company/person who will be suitably trained and competent in the measures to be installed. The Green Deal Installer will be certified by a Green Deal Certification Body against PAS 2030, The Green Deal Code of Practice and Competency standards.

2. Green Deal Advisory Organisation

The Green Deal Advisory Organisation(GDAO) is responsible for facilitating Green Deal Advice reports including lodgement. All Green Deal Advisors must be a member of a GDAO.

3. Green Deal Advisor

The Green Deal Advisor (GDA) will be a suitably trained and a competent energy assessor who will visit the property, carry out an energy assessment, create an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR). Each Green Deal Advisor must be a member of a Green Deal Advisory Organisation.

4. Green Deal Provider

The Green Deal Provider is the organisation that will provide the financing for the measures to be installed on the property. They will look to contract in the Green Deal Advisor and Green Deal Installer.

5. Green Deal Certification Body

The Green Deal Certification Body is responsible for carry out assessments on individual companies to ensure their on-going compliance with PAS 2030 for Installers and GDAO standards (for advice organisations) along with the Green Deal Code of Practice.

6. Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body

The Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GDORB) is responsible for enforcing Green Deal standards including PAS 2030 and GDAO Standards, along with the Green Deal Code of Practice and the general running of the scheme​.

7. Energy Supplier

The supplier is responsible for recovering the loan repayments through the customer’s bill. Only large suppliers are obliged to be a Green Deal licensed energy supplier (although smaller suppliers can choose to) so customers with a GD loan can only switch to a participating supplier.